A Service in Witness to the Resurrection

A Presbyterian funeral is intended to a service of worship affirming the truth of the resurrection. It is a time to focus on God's providence and love, as well as the truths of the resurrection, eternal life and the blessed hope of heaven that Christ gives believers.

A Presbyterian funeral is not necessarily an occasion for eulogies, that is better attended to at a wake or family night visitation. The sermon, while touching on the life and character of the deceased, will focus on timeless Christian truths and the hope of eternal life. The casket may be open in the church prior to a funeral service, but during the worship service, it will be closed.    Presbyterian theology and tradition does not condemn cremation. The PCUSA commends burial, cremation or donation to medical research as ethical Christian options for the disposition of human bodies after death. You may still have traditional open casket visitation and a worship service prior to cremation.

The minister of Upper Long Cane or one approved by the Session and invited by the minister, may conduct the funeral service at the Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church.

Area funeral homes will work with you at personalizing your or your loved one's funeral. Additionally, the option exists and is encouraged, to remain at graveside while the casket is being interred.

A Service in Witness to the Resurrection

bulletRemembers and honors the life of the deceased.
bulletAffirms the Christian hope of eternal life and resurrection.
bulletOffers a time of worship and closure for friends and family


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