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Abbeville, South Carolina


God has given us the supreme gift of new life through his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) officially recognize in our constitution that our response to God's gift in Christ includes two parallel aspects of service which we call "Worship and Work."


“The way the Church worships and works in the name of the Lord of the Church is the Churches very life.  This approach seeks to help the local congregation to view its worship and work as a whole and to plan for it as a single program in response to our Lord.”


                        An Introduction to the Worship and Work of the Congregation


In setting ourselves under the guidance of a worship and work program, we are seeking to do the following things:


1.      To involve more of the congregation actively in the programs of the church.

2.      To integrate the efforts of the various groups and agencies within the church.

3.      To assure contact and communication among all members of the congregation.

To enable the Session, which is ultimately charged with responsibility for every aspect of the churches life and work, to keep in touch with all that is going on within the church and also to help them to be aware of and responsive to the ideas and programs of other groups within the Church.   

In order to carry out the program of worship and work in our own congregation, the Session has established the following committees: Worship, Commitment, Witness & Service, Property, and Christian Education.  The Session may elect to combine the duties of two or more of their committees so that one committee becomes responsible for the duties of the separate committees.